Hayley Dawes
26 August 2021

What is microdosing?


Microdosing CBD is a technique that involves taking very small amount of cannabidiol on a regular schedule. If you’re new to CBD, then microdosing is a great way to better understand the effects of CBD on your body. ⠀

Dosing small amounts of Night Drops, both at night and during the day. ⠀

If you have high levels of stress or anxiety, take 2-3 drops of our Night Drops as soon as you wake up - this can then be repeated throughout the day, at lunchtime or in the afternoon and then again at night. Our Night Drops help to calm the mind, releasing stress and anxiety from the body. They are not a sedative. ⠀

You will require a larger quantity of drops for sleep at night. Start with 6-8 drops held under your tongue and increase this dosage gradually to find your ‘sweet spot.’ ⠀

Microdosing is something that is very personal - it works differently for everyone, so you have to keep experimenting until you find the dose that works best for you.


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Of participants said that they started gaining more hours of sleep.

Night Drops

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Bath Oil

Finest quality broad-spectrum CBD bath concentrate

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Bed Balm

A distinct and deeply relaxing broad-spectrum CBD salve:

  • Melts taught muscles
  • Relieves pain
  • Improves skin health
  • 1200mg CBD / 60ml
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