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Never Compromising on Standards

Hayley Dawes
26 August 2021

Addressing one of the main issues of the industry: mislabelling


Dreem Distillery is built on honesty and quality. We don’t do confusing information or uninspiring products. We have the highest standards for strength and purity because we know this is where the power of plants can really be found.

Everything we make is vegan and cruelty-free, using only organically cultivated hemp with zero THC, and all our products are free from sulphates, pesticides and heavy metals. We always show a certificate of authentication with a full analysis about our broad-spectrum CBD oil – check the full version here.

With Dreem you’ll find a high industry standard of CBD, one that always keeps your health and safety in mind. All our formulas are original and developed by a diverse team of experts. We always check the potency and purity of our products with rigorous and independent testing protocols before, during and after production.

Creating our Dreem broad-spectrum CBD blends is no easy task. High standards, relentless testing and refusal to never compromise on quality and purity means that it takes time and precision to produce each product in the range. Find out more about our step-by-step process:

  1. Quality Hemp

Strict criteria is followed to ensure the CBD broad-spectrum hemp extract we use is free from pesticides, toxins, microbial contamination, kosher certified, vegan and non-GMO. Before the plants are harvested, we test to maintain a pesticide free yield. The hemp seeds are planted in biosoil and cultivated using organic protocols.

  1. Super Terpene Blend

Our Super Terpene Blend works in synergy with our broad-spectrum oil, which contains a wide range of natural occurring terpenes, including myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene. When blended together in our Dreem formulation these terpenes work in harmony with our broad-spectrum oil, to produce a finished luxurious product with incredible anxiety-reducing traits, leading you to a restful mind and encouraging a deeper night’s sleep.

  1. Certified Lab

Our broad-spectrum CBD is produced in a certified lab that adheres to strict levels of compliance. This means that the entire process – from hemp to final product – has been thoroughly inspected and audited by a third-party certification program?

  1. Extracting The Broad-Spectrum CBD

Turning hemp into broad-spectrum CBD requires an important process. We use….

  1. Perfecting Our Broad-Spectrum CBD

The next stage is to convert the oil…..

  1. Testing and Analysis

Once we have our broad-spectrum CBD, it’s tested by independent labs to verify its purity. This is important as it confirms that it’s totally THC-free and contains no heavy metals or residual solvents. It’s only when each batch is approved that it’s ready to go into our formulations. Our products are the brought to life in our UK lab.

  1. Packaging Philosophy

Our philosophy on packaging is simple. Every step of the way we use recyclable materials to have minimal environmental impact. In some cases, the most sustainable solution is not always the fastest, or the cheapest, but we stand firm on our principles and will not compromise. Our Night Drops are manufactured in recyclable glass bottles and our tubes are aluminium.

  1. Compliance and Control

Our final products are tested by accredited and independent FDA certified labs. We’re committed to keeping you safe in the knowledge that our products are made with exactly what we say they are.

  1. Consumer Testing

We want our community to trust our products. This is why we conduct consumer trails, conducted by independent third parties. It’s not just about innovation, we care about what you think and want to ensure that we design and formulate the best products for you.


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