Meet our Founder

Hayley Dawes

Meet Hayley

An entrepreneur and mother of four young children, founder Hayley Dawes spent her career as an interior designer and property developer. She created beautiful homes for her clients to live in but struggled to find tranquillity in her own home due to crippling insomnia. This chronic lack of sleep and unrest set Hayley off on a personal voyage to find the solution and the game-changer came when she discovered the transformative power of CBD as an aid to restful and restorative sleep.

Intelligent Blends

Hayley believes that proven science and the power of plants is the only way to create efficacious products that deliver meaningful wellbeing. The range of organically grown broad-spectrum CBD products have been intelligently created using only the finest active ingredients, in their purest form, for the most powerful results.   

Live the Dreem

In this over-stimulated world, sleep, rest and recovery have never been more important to a life well lived.

Dreem Distillery helps you sleep well, stress less and live better’.

Hayley Dawes, Founder