High-grade, active ingredients

Purity and potency

Dreem Distillery’s sleep, bath and body products combine the finest, high-grade CBD and nutrient rich botanicals. Based on five years of research and innovation, our products have been developed because of the proven efficacy of broad-spectrum CBD; the most potent extract of the hemp plant.  We extract the most active plant compounds as these are rich in phyto-cannibinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, fatty acids and phytochemicals and deliver the many therapeutic benefits.  Each batch is independently lab tested and we follow strict criteria to ensure the broad-spectrum CBD hemp extract is free-from pesticides, toxins, microbial contamination, is kosher and vegan certified.  


Super Terpene Blend™

Our signature Super Terpene Blend™ is an industry first and bespoke formulation that harnesses the powerful benefits of naturally occurring, high-strength terpenes; the aromatic compounds derived from the hemp plant.  We have applied the proven science and intelligence of terpenes and blended them with our base MCT oil for a potent, dynamic pairing delivering maximum efficacy.

Dreem Complex™

We have pioneered a proprietary complex that has the been the basis of our bath and body products since launch.  The formulations are infused with Dreem Complex™ - a potent blend of broad-spectrum CBD and arnica, juniper, and lavender as well as nutrient-rich botanicals. These are sourced from conscious growers around the world, many of whom have grown the same beautifully cultivated plants for generations. We meticulously infuse these high-performance plants into our signature base oil for maximum potency and performance.