Dreem Distillery x Rob Rea

Introducing a transformative toolkit for any moment, day or night. Our partnership with Breathwork specialist Rob Rea brings you a series of videos designed to support you whenever you need it. Whether you choose to engage visually or simply immerse yourself in Rob's soothing guidance, these videos are your go-to solution for those restless nights, moments of wired exhaustion, anxious thoughts, or when you crave a quick, rejuvenating break to enhance your energy, mood, and mental wellbeing, even in just 10 minutes.

Studies show that regular breathwork practices can lead to a significant reduction in perceived stress and anxiety levels by up to 50%.

Breathe Easy. Be Happy.

"Traveling provided me with diverse opportunities to explore various breathwork practices, including pranayama, somatic experiencing, Qi Gong, functional breathwork, breathwork for performance, transformational breathwork, and yoga teacher training, all of which taught me to cultivate inner calm amidst external challenges."

Rob Rea, breathwork specialist


"Rob is an exceptional facilitator, his soothing voice effortlessly calms my nervous system. I frequently incorporate the 'Ready for Bed' video into my bedtime routine alongside Night Drops, resulting in restful sleep." MARGOT