About Dreem

Therapeutic sleep, bath and body solutions powered by plant actives to help you rest, recover and restore.

Live the Dreem

Our edit of sleep, bath and body products combine best-in-class, natural sustainably sourced ingredients, innovative formulations and a deep understanding of the body’s rest and repair process. By bringing the mind and body back into harmony, we can experience true wellbeing in our daily lives.


Plant active, real solutions

Using responsibly sourced, active natural ingredients, we fuse the best of nature, ancient wisdom and science in our efficacious product blends. We combine the finest, high-grade CBD and nutrient-rich botanicals in our proprietary Dreem Complex™ which has formed the basis of every Dreem Distillery product since we launched.  

Sleep, rest and recover

Our products have been expertly formulated to support and calm the nervous system. Enhancing the innate capacity of our body to repair helps to slow down the ageing process and restores a sense of wellbeing in the face of increasing environmental stress and demands of modern life.