Prioritising rest

Prioritising rest is just as important as getting enough sleep but so few of us allow the time to simply do nothing. Rest is vital for improved mental health, a healthier immune system, reduced stress, improved mood and even a better metabolism. 

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Breathe Easy...

Our partnership with Rob Rea brings you a series of videos designed to support you whenever you need it. Two of the four videos are for moments of rest and act as your go-to solution for those restless moments of wired exhaustion, anxious thoughts, or when you crave a quick, rejuvenating break. Simply purchase any Dreem product.

Breathwork Specialist, Rob Rea

Are sleep & rest the same thing?

Doctor Oliver Bernath: Neurologist and Sleep Disorder Specialist

We recommend an evening bath time ritual. Bathing promotes relaxation by raising your core body temperature and lowering blood pressure.