Prioritising rest

Prioritising rest is just as important as getting enough sleep but so few of us allow the time to simply do nothing. Rest is vital for improved mental health, a healthier immune system, reduced stress, improved mood and even a better metabolism. 

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Tips from our rest expert

"Rest is an absolute fundamental need for good physical, mental and emotional health," says sound therapist Farzana Ali. "When we engage in deep rest such as when having a massage or listening to a sound bath - we allow our minds and bodies to slow down and recover. This helps with keeping you happy, healthy and energerised in the long run." 

Farzana, The Sound Therapist

Are sleep & rest the same thing?

Doctor Oliver Bernath: Neurologist and Sleep Disorder Specialist

Have you heard of NSDR?

NON SLEEP DEEP REST. This is an umbrella term coined by Dr Andrew Huberman for practices that people use to direct their minds into a state of calm and focus. NSDR isn’t intended to induce sleep, but instead helps you get into that dreamy, semi-focussed state that occurs just before drifting off.

We recommend an evening bath time ritual. Bathing promotes relaxation by raising your core body temperature and lowering blood pressure.