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Healing Holidays

Hayley Dawes
26 August 2021

SHA Wellness Clinic

Wellness Retreat: Spain, Europe

Set with a backdrop of the Sierra Helada Natural Park, the beautiful SHA Wellness Clinic takes a fresh approach to the philosophy of detox for a serious mind and body cleanse. The clinic bases its treatments on a fusion of natural therapies, combining Eastern philosophies and Western technology.

The wind-down began with a 2-hour flight from London to Alicante, finally arriving at the clinic, set in a picturesque and peaceful environment with great views over the Mediterranean Sea. I certainly felt that I needed to cleanse my body and mind to break away from my demanding routine.

The holistic wellness clinic promotes lifelong health and wellbeing with medical innovation, natural therapies, and healthy nutrition. There are various health programmes to choose from – I chose the Detox Programme: Deep Cleansing of The Body.



  • Cleanse the body of toxins accumulated from bad eating habits and external contaminating agents.
  • Ascertain the body’s level of oxidative stress by performing specific tests with a view to taking corrective measures.
  • Learn new healthy eating habits to optimise natural detoxification mechanisms.

Length: 7 days



Under the supervision and advice of the team of professionals, they detoxify the body through:

  • A food plan and personalised health plan
  • Natural therapies, medical treatments, and adequate supplementation, all focused on the elimination of toxins and the reinforcement of natural purification mechanisms.
  • Lifestyle recommendations, with activities that enable learning new healthy habits.


Daily Routine…

1:00 pm


2:00 pm

General Health Examination

2:30 pm

Healthy Nutrition Consultation

4:00 pm

Relaxing Massage

5:00 pm

Agenda Planning

6:00 pm

Healthy Living Academy Activity

7:00 pm



The Clinic and Spa…

My instant impression was one of calmness, and I couldn’t help but be taken in by the use of smells, sounds and colours that worked beautifully in conjunction with each other to relax the senses. The welcoming environment was combined with the availability of wide range of treatment techniques, the latest technology and a range of European doctors that are renowned in their field.


The Room…

I stayed in a spacious room with white minimalist décor, inspired by the Feng Shui philosophy, which provided a serene and calm space. I loved the large glass windows, which make your early morning rises a feast for the eyes, as you are immediately confronted every morning by a picture-perfect view of Altea and its coastline.


The Gym…

The Fitness team at SHA are amongst the most enthusiastic and experienced personal trainers. The gym is state of the art as you would expect, featuring well-equipped, spacious, and high-end equipment. I even tried the Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training – the sensation is hard to describe. I performed the same sort of exercises most of us are used to doing in the gym, except this time with a pulsating electric current.


Healthy Nutrition…

SHA Wellness Clinic’s healthy nutrition aims to rebalance the body and boost its ability to restore itself. SHA nutrition follows the principles of an energetic and healthy diet; using products that are carefully selected, considering the season, quality, and combination of ingredients to create a delicious experience. Perhaps surprisingly for a place with no sugar, I was amazed at how tasty the macrobiotic food was and needless to say it was also beautifully presented.


Kushi Menu

This all plant-based diet intensively detoxifies the body. It has smaller portions and does not include certain healthy ingredients like oil, baked flour, nuts, pasta, or oats. A little salt is also added. Fish is only included once a week and the diet is characteristic for including a lot of algae and hearty soups like miso that help cleanse the body and provide energy and vitality.

The main objective is to strengthen the immune system, neutralise free radicals, boost mood and provide vitality, through complete, alkalising, and balanced meals, made with 100% organic ingredients and leaving aside ingredients like sugar, dairy, and gluten. 

Now I am even making some of the recipes from home – see them here.



After my stay, my digestive system felt much better, and I left SHA feeling re-energised. I can still feel the positive effects of this detox retreat on my body, and even on my skin. This genuinely helped me to take stock and find some tangible sense of how to live in a better way. I am also trying to integrate the macrobiotic philosophy into my lifestyle, I must admit it has not been easy.

SHA Wellness Clinic is definitely the right place for you if you are looking for the ultimate health MOT and want to invest in yourself and improve your health for the long term.



  • Your body will be cleansed of harmful toxins
  • You’ll have more energy
  • You’ll have greater mental clarity


Insider Tips:

  • Possibly the most memorable experience was the morning walks along the beach front. The scenery was spectacular.
  • The infinity pool and the stunning views are undoubtedly the SHA’s biggest draw


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