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Anxiety & CBD

Hayley Dawes
11 May 2021

Anxiety is an imbalance of the homeostatis needed to maintain a calm nervous system, and an inability to return to baseline after a stressful event gears up our fight or flight system. Essentially, it is a winding down problem.

There is no one cause for anxiety – we live in fast paced society. Individual tendencies, genes, food and the environment can also have an impact on anxiety.

Perpetual wind-up goes on over months and years, gradually changing our brain chemicals, including depleting GABA, which is the calming neurotransmitter chemical. GABA depletion, along with the changes related to our other brain chemicals and our endocannabinoid system, leaves us almost perpetually frazzled. Over time our brain pathway changes, and we become hard-wired for anxiety. If unchecked, our nervous system ends up in a constant state of hyperarousal.

CBD can be an effective way to support a return to a calm, balanced nervous system. On its own, our better yet combined with some simple relaxation techniques and lifestyle hacks, CBD can aid different forms of anxiety and help with insomnia. CBD helps with the GABA balance.

CBD has demonstrated initial effectiveness for various physical and mental health care problems. Current studies have highlighted the promising biochemical, physiologic, and preclinical data on CBD. According to a recent study to determine whether CBD helps improve sleep and or/anxiety in a clinical population, there was a significant decrease in anxiety and sleep improvement within the first month of taking CBD.


You can either take a daily preventative dose of our Night Drops or as and when you feel anxiety building up. Preventative dosing would be a micro dose – 2 to 3 drops held under your tongue when you wake and repeat every 4 hours (no more than 17 drops a day). Or if you have a large moment of anxiety, take ¼ dropper.  Hold under your tongue for a minute and you should soon feel calmer and at ease. Our Super Terpene Blend in our Night Drops is not a sedative. It has been specifically blended to treat anxiety and stress and bring on calmness.


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