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Terpenes…and why you need them

Natasha Daniels
11 May 2021

I knew I believed in the power of CBD to enhance sleep but I didn’t want to launch ‘just another’ great quality CBD oil. To be honest, there are many. But I didn’t want to settle. There had to be a ‘next level’ that I could take to for me to justify launching my own brand. It took me two years of relentless research and development, but I finally found it: terpenes. More specifically, our Super Terpene Blend. Quite simply, additional terpenes made the difference between a great quality oil being efficacious and it being elevated to what, I believe, is the best on the market.

So, why Super Terpene Blend? Although all broad-spectrum CBD oil contains a degree of proprietary terpenes, adding additional natural and concentrated terpenes from complimentary botanical extracts boosts the formulation significantly by making the cannabinoids in CBD work faster and harder in the body to induce sleep; this is called ‘the entourage effect’.

First up, what is a terpene? Terpenes are some of the most common compounds in essential oils and botanical ingredients which contribute to the aroma, colour and flavour of the plants in which they are present. As for what terpenes do: each terpene is associated with unique therapeutic effects, typically supported with scientific research or/and anecdotal evidence. Aromatherapists and herbalists have used the science of terpenes for years when formulating plant-based blends to create certain effects on the body and mind, from promoting relaxation to encouraging focus and clarity. Combined with CBD, terpenes mediate the body’s interaction with cannabinoids, assisting their cell permeability and enhancing their efficacy in this ‘entourage effect.’

Dr Ethan Russo expanded on the entourage theory at a conference in 2010 asserting that the interactions between cannabinoids and terpenes enhanced the therapeutic benefits of the plant by measurably increasing the activity of our bodies own cannabinoid production. When I researched which terpenes specifically boost the efficacy of CBD, the leading scientist I worked alongside identified the list below as those that best combined with CBD.

Myrcene. Found in botanical ingredients including juniper and lemongrass essential oils, myrcene is known to allow faster absorption of cannabinoids.  A study in 2002 showed that it promoted muscle relaxation and increased sleeping time.

Linalool. Commonly extracted from lavender, rose, basil and neroli oils, linalool terpenes help to support a healthy sleep pattern with their sedative and calming effect. They are known to influence neurotransmitters in the brain, affecting dopamine and serotonin production.

Caryophyllene. Found in many different essential oils and herbs, this terpene is celebrated for its capacity to relieve stress, anxiety and to encourage sleep.

Nerolidol. Responsible for giving certain cannabis strains a distinctive woody aroma, nerolidol can also be used as a natural sleep aid. These terpenes are typically found in broad-spectrum CBD.

Yet whilst a theory can sound solid (which the evidence for boosting a broad-spectrum CBD oil with additional terpenes certainly sounded), the proof, for me, is always going to be in the testing. It took almost a year of tweaking the formulation and exact amounts of specific terpenes, but after 8 rounds I finally alighted on my perfect blend, the one that not only made my CBD induce sleep faster, but kept me (and my testers) more soundly asleep for longer. I called it Super Terpene Blend for the simple reason that it super-charges CBD. I hope you find it as efficacious as I do.


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