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4 Simple Ways To Ease Post Exercise Muscle Soreness

Hayley Dawes
24 February 2022

It’s that time of year, everyone seems to be exercising, whether it be taking up a new at-home challenge, starting a class or regular sessions at the gym, we're all feeling that New Year fitness high. There is no denying it, regular exercise is essential for mental and physical well being. However, exercise can put your muscles and nervous systems under enormous stress, especially if we embark on intense fitness goals which could result in sore muscles and achy joints, caused by inflammation and lactic acid build-up. But there is a way to recover from sore muscles, and research has found CBD can be a vital factor in easing sore muscles post-exercise.

Waking up to a sore body is no fun, at worst it can lead to injuries if left untreated, but can also act as a huge, colossal inconvenience. When you have lactic acid build-up or inflammation your body becomes tired more easily and it can prolong the recovery period after a training session. Rest and recovery are an imperative part of your exercise routine. This is when the body repairs and strengthens itself, enabling you to maintain regular exercise without damage to your body as you remain strong and fit.


Here are some of our favourite ways to combat soreness and stiffness post exercise: 

Don’t skip the stretching portion of your routine

Pre-workout stretch sequences are essential for preparing the body for what is to come next, going straight into an intense routine can do more harm than good to your body and can result in injuries. Stretching eases flexibility, by increasing the range of motion in a joint through each stretch, thus decreasing the resistance on your muscles during your workout. A post-workout stretch will help keep the muscles flexible, strong, and healthy. It works by loosening and reducing - the shortening and tightening effect that can happen after a workout. Experts say that your warm-up routine should be at least 15 minutes before and after exercise.

Indulge in a deep oil massage

Massages are amazing at helping to reduce post-exercise muscle soreness. Massages aid with blood flow and flexibility and help the body relax. The idea is that the circulation brought about by the massage helps to oxygenate the muscles and prevent soreness. An oil massage can boost muscle recovery and restoration. *TIP* try incorporating the Dreem Distillery Among the Stars Body Oil into your post-exercise massage practice. Among the Stars is a lightweight, non-greasy formula that absorbs easily into the skin. A luxurious conditioning oil infused with our Dreem Complex of aromatherapy oils, skin-absorbable CBD and calming botanicals, with the addition of organic essential oils for their soothing effects.

Hydrating your body is key

Dehydration can increase the intensity at which you experience muscle soreness, the more dehydrated you are, the more painful muscle soreness can be. Drinking more fluids is absolutely key, sore muscles are one of the biggest obstacles to consistent strength building, and can be difficult to work through. Dehydration can make the recovery period feel a lot worse. Drinking water is not only beneficial in speeding up recovery time, but also in reducing that feeling of soreness, removing toxins from your body, and keeping your muscles functioning at a high level.

Introduce foam rolling to your routine

Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release (SMR) is an incredible practice for post-exercise recovery. The rolling action against the foam tube softens the fascia - fascia is the thin lining that wraps every muscle in the body, which becomes inflamed when muscles contract during a workout. Fascia can lose its elasticity, leaving you feeling tight, stiff, and sore. Foam rolling increases blood flow to the muscles and gently massages the fascia, which can help you feel more open, relaxed, and energised. *TIP* try including the Dreem Distillery Bed Balm to increase the benefits of your foam rolling routine. The Bed Balm is a potent muscle-relaxing salve, formulated with broad-spectrum CBD and our proprietary tension relieving botanical Dreem Complex. The star ingredient, Arnica, is a powerful natural pain reliever. It increases blood circulation, soothes muscles and acts as an anti-inflammatory. Massaging the Bed Balm into targeted areas and sore muscles can help to soften the fascia even further, providing additional pain relief from the active ingredients.