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Can I Travel With CBD?

Hayley Dawes
30 June 2023

With the summer travel season upon us, we are seeing many people ask if they can travel internationally with CBD products, especially given the increased ned for help with anxiety and the huge growth in the number of CBD users around the world. Flying with CBD is something many people are keen to be able to do! 

Luckily, the answer is in most cases YES! You can travel with many CBD products, provided they meet a few important requirements. There are however some no-go zones where you should NEVER travel with CBD oil including China, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

In some countries, laws also vary depending on whether the CBD is ingestible (like a CBD oil eg. Night Drops) or topical (like a CBD Balm eg. Bed Balm). For example, in the UAE topical CBD (skin-applied) is allowed, but ingestible CBD oil is banned. In these instances, using products like CBD body oil or face mask may be helpful.

Laws on Cannabis and related substances are changing quickly around the world, so our key advice is to always check with the embassy of the country you are travelling to or through to ensure you have the most up-to-date information for that destination. 

It all depends on what type of CBD you have

Under UK law, CBD products must contain less than 1mg THC or CBN per container, which is effectively none – and you must be absolutely sure of this. If your CBD oil contains these banned cannabinoids, you’re holding a controlled substance, and that doesn’t tend to end well at airports.

Dreem Distillery CBD products are blended in the UK under strict controls to guarantee they contain no THC or CBN. Strict criteria is followed to ensure the CBD broad spectrum hemp extract we use is free from pesticides, toxins, microbial contamination, kosher certified, vegan and non GMO. Before the plants are harvested, we test to maintain a pesticide free yield. The hemp seeds are planted in biosoil and cultivated using organic protocols.

We’ve covered a few common flight zones below and how they fare in terms of carrying CBD oil and other CBD products on a plane… 

Can you travel to the UK with CBD oil?

Even if you have purchased your CBD legally elsewhere, you can safely bring it back into the UK as long as it follows customs regulations and UK laws as previously mentioned.

While domestic airport security and UK borders do not appear to be a problem for CBD oil travel, many international destinations have different legal requirements and restrictions in place. Every country has its own set of customs rules and security laws which will need to be considered before you leave home.

Can you take CBD oil on a plane within Europe?

Europe is a continent that accepts CBD. Many European countries have legalised CBD for it to be used recreationally and medicinally. As long as the oil contains no more than 0.2% THC, it is legal to fly throughout Europe.

Always choose a reputable CBD company that is transparent about its products, especially when you’re flying with CBD oil. Make sure you’re carrying a brand that states the CBD content on the label and shows the source clearly. Ditch any CBD products with no labels. 

There are also still general rules around carrying liquids that you must be aware of. A 30ml bottle of Dreem Distillery Night Drops are under the limit for carry-on liquids.

Taking CBD on a plane in the USA

In the USA, CBD oils come with and without THC. So, it’s a little more complicated here. Although medical cannabis (with THC) is legal in some states in the USA, all airports are controlled under federal law. This means that if, for example, you bought CBD oil with THC in Colorado, you can’t fly with it. That’s because under federal law, THC is illegal in the USA.

However, the good news is that CBD has been removed from the controlled substances list by the DEA, so if you’re flying with a THC-free CBD oil made from hemp, like Dreem Distillery CBD, you aren’t breaking any laws. It’s still going to be important that your product clearly states this. There’s also a chance that a misinformed officer at the airport doesn’t understand the difference between the two products. This could slow you down and they may take it off you.

Taking CBD on a plane in Asia, Africa & Rest of World

This is where things get really interesting. CBD laws vary considerably around the world and are often confused with cannabis laws originally intended for marijuana and cannabis oils, which don’t make much sense for hemp-derived CBD products that aren’t intoxicating.

Take Thailand for example. There have been cases of people getting 5 years in a Thai jail for carrying substances that were legal in their home country, only to find out they are a criminal when they land. Thailand has now legalised many CBD products but only those manufactured within Thailand, importation is still prohibited.

We can only suggest everyone follows whatever the local law is of their destination, especially when flying internationally.

Check with local authorities before you take CBD oil on a plane if you’re not sure 

As stated, if you’re not 100% sure about travelling with your CBD product, check with authorities in the country you are travelling to before you leave.

Changeover flights and CBD

Don’t forget to include any countries where you might be changing flights, although you’re not leaving the airport, you’re still landing there and subject to their laws. 

Generally, laws are tighter in Asian and African countries, but there are exceptions across the board. As ever with CBD, research is key. Check the official customs website here.

If you’re flying via countries like Singapore, make sure you’re fully aware of the laws in those states before you take off. Another great tip is to ask your airline if you can take CBD oil on the plane, as they may be able to help.

Safe travels!