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Dreem Distillery x Rob Rea

4-Part Video Series with Rob Rea breathwork specialist

Video length - 8-12 minutes each

Introducing a transformative toolkit for any moment, day or night. Our partnership with Breathwork specialist Rob Rea brings you a series of videos designed to support you whenever you need it. Whether you choose to engage visually or simply immerse yourself in Rob's soothing guidance, these videos are your go-to solution for those restless nights, moments of wired exhaustion, anxious thoughts, or when you crave a quick, rejuvenating break to enhance your energy, mood, and mental wellbeing, even in just 10 minutes.

Introduction to Breathwork

Close your eyes, listen to Rob’s guidance and allow yourself to listen to your body.

Body Awareness

For those wanting a gentle check in. This is perfect for anytime of the day.

Find your centre and balance the body

This is perfect for those wanting to start their day feeling balanced and nourished.

The reset

This is a perfect breathing exercise for after training, after an argument or after a big presentation at work. The calming effects of the breathwork down regulate the system just when it's needed.

Ready for bed

These are your go-to sleep breathing exercises. Think of these as a tranquiliser for the nervous system. You can do them in bed or shortly before lights out.

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