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Why You Should Be Using Himalayan Bath Salts

Hayley Dawes
21 March 2022

Salt baths and salt soaks have long been praised for their therapeutic and healing qualities. Over the years bath salts have been used to prevent infection, reduce pain and swelling. Immersing our bodies in warm water is one of the most natural ways to seek wellbeing and calm.

Dreem Distillery believes in the limitless benefits of Himalayan bath salts, allowing for your body to cleanse physical toxins, ease aching joints and bones, and soothe both the body and mind. We have created the perfect blend in The Z’s with muscle-relaxing Epsom and Himalayan bath salts, together with broad-spectrum CBD, calming juniper berry and detoxifying lemongrass essential oils. A handful of these deeply aromatic botanical salts elevates your bath into a deeply relaxing pool.

What is Himalayan salt?

Sourced from the foothills that sit beneath the Himalayan Mountains, Himalayan salt is considered to be one of the purest salts in the world. It is believed to come from the oceans that once surged in this place millions of years ago. As the seabed dried up and the landscape was covered with snow and ice, the salt that sat beneath was protected from the pollutants of the new world.

The salt is rich in minerals and the colour is determined by trace minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iron. The inclusion of minerals and the natural healing benefits that come with saltwater result in a magical remedy for your mind, body, and soul.

What are the benefits of Himalayan bath salts?

Himalayan salt baths have a multitude of beneficial properties: they aid restorative deep sleep when you feel dispersed and exhausted, they cleanse the body of physical toxins and reduce tiredness, easing stress and balancing our emotions.

Relaxes and calms

One of the most well-known benefits of Himalayan bath salts are their ability to provide a calming experience. Adding these to your bath not only stimulates the relaxing effect of lying on a warm saltwater beach, but also reduces fatigue, melts away stress and improves our overall emotional health. Research shows that the experience of being in the bath for even just 10 minutes can help ease body tension and boost emotional health and wellbeing.

Relieves aches and pains

Himalayan bath salts help to reduce inflammation. With regular bath soaks, you can ease stiff joints or pulled muscles. The presence of calcium, lactic acid and other trace minerals provide relief to cramped muscles and muscle aches. It can also strengthen bones and connective tissues that may contribute to body soreness.

Improves your quality of sleep

With the soothing and calming effects of soaking in the tub, bath salts are the perfect addition to your night time ritual. Taking a warm bath before bed will make you forget about the stress of the day, and ease into a deep restful sleep. Soaking in any bath is good for easing tension, but the addition of Himalayan slat heightens that sense of calm.

Treats skin conditions

Soaking in Himalayan salts is an effective way of treating skin conditions all over the body. The salts help reduce the irritation and redness, and in painful skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis. It is also effective against insect bites and blisters.

Promotes skin hydration

The salts get stored in the upper layer of the skin, plumping it up and creating a natural protective film preventing it from dryness, leaving the skin softer and smoother. The Himalayan salts are absorbed into your skin, extracting the toxins from your skin and tissues, leaving you feeling refreshed and nourished.

Supports circulation

Poor circulation can result in cold extremities, memory loss and lack of concentration, so it is important to have warm blood pumping around the body. Soaking in a Himalayan salt bath can encourage better circulation. This is because the warm water helps our arteries and veins to expand, which can allow for the easier passage for blood to pump around the body.

Replenishes minerals

15 minutes of soaking in a warm tub of salt infused bathwater will allow your skin to absorb vital minerals, replenishing your body and reawakening your senses. These include magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, copper, calcium, manganese, iron, and sodium. Magnesium does so much good for the body – including helping our nervous systems, helping turn food into energy, and assisting in pain management.

How to use Himalayan bath salts

To maximise these benefits, you can either use Himalayan salts in a warm foot soak or add them to your bath. Simply use a handful of salts (The Z’s) under warm running water as you fill your tub:

  1. Cleanse your body with a quick shower before getting into a salt bath, to remove any excess oils, dirt, or cosmetic products from the body. This will help your body to soak up more mineral benefits from the salts.
  2. Prepare a warm enough bath, without it being too hot and uncomfortable on your body.
  3. Hydration is important, so make sure you have a glass of water near your tub. Staying hydrated should always be a plan whenever you are immersed in any hot water treatment.
  4. Pour in a handful of salts for a good concentration. Dissolve the salts while the tub is filling up to ensure that the salt is evenly mixed and dissolved.
  5. Bath oil can be added for a soothing scent to increase relaxation. *TIP* Add Into the Deep bath oil to indulge the senses.
  6. Soak in the bath for about 15-20 minutes.
  7. When you are finished, slowly get out of the bath and dry. *TIP* Apply Among the Stars body oil for extra body hydration before bed.
  8. Drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins.