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What Can Arnica Be Used For?

Hayley Dawes
20 January 2022

The benefits of arnica and arnica cream are well evidenced. Here’s why Dreem Distillery believes in arnica for bruising and beyond…

Arnica. Whether that’s arnica pills, arnica cream, arnica gel or arnica oil, a well-loved natural remedy and is a stalwart in wellbeing ingredients. What once might have been considered a fringe alternative treatment only to be found in the most hippy of medicine cabinets, arnica is now considered a thoroughly modern-day panacea to bruises and muscle aches and strains, sitting up alongside the Ibuprofen, or, indeed, as a viable alternative to it. Whether it’s celebrity fans of natural medicine through to the popularity and talk-ability of plant-based remedies hitting the chic mainstream at the likes of Goop, there’s a distinct move towards supplementing or replacing main-stream medicines and treatments with wellbeing products that incorporate renowned natural ingredients.  From the ever-popular homeopathic Nelson’s arnica through to Boot’s arnica and Holland and Barrett arnica, it is available in countless products at numerous price points.

What is arnica? Since the 1500s the Arnica Montana herb has been used to soothe aching muscles, reduce inflammation and heal wounds, its benefits employed in homeopathic arnica tablets, tinctures and pills as well as topical arnica ointments. When Dreem Distillery sought to harness the power of CBD oil to ease muscle soreness and develop our Bed Balm CBD targeted treatment salve, the arnica plant was therefore at the top of our complimentary ingredients list. One of the 4 key ingredients in our proprietary Dreem Complex- which contains a relaxing and soothing cocktail of CBD, Arnica, Lavender and Juniper- the benefits of Bed Balm exceed that of your average arnica cream for bruises. Indeed, applying arnica for bruising is a commonplace natural remedy, yet our answer to the frequent question ‘does arnica work’ is ‘yes…but even better when it is combined with complimentary anti-inflammatory ingredients.’ Simply taking arnica tablets for healing and applying arnica cream for bruises is a great source of relief on muscle injuries, but it is the additional botanicals that we have added to our arnica massage balm formulation that amplifies this herb’s unique ability to relieve tension and therefore aid a good night’s sleep. From naturally treating back pain, easing tension in the neck, soothing sore knees and relieving sore muscles after exercise, Bed Balm has been designed to melt tight muscles without medicine.

As to how arnica works on strained muscles and tension? The natural anti-inflammatory properties of the plant stimulate the circulation, thus encouraging pain relief and swelling in the localised area. Online it is easy to find countless arnica cream reviews that testify to it being an antidote for bruises and shed light on the perennial question ‘does arnica work?’ Ardent proponents of arnica attest that beyond treatment of muscle soreness and muscle tension it is a valid alternative to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and actively lessens post-operative swelling and speeds recovery; although clinical evidence is lacking on this, at a homeopathic dose arnica can certainly be used to supplement and is incredibly unlikely, at standard low doses, to trigger an adverse reaction. At Dreem Distillery we have researched myriad botanicals to pick those which have the most profound effects at benefitting sleep and reducing stress; arnica is one that meets our discerning measure.

Arnica can also be used as a natural sleep aid; for this reason we incorporated our signature Dreem Complex into our CBD Sublime Body Oil, Among The Stars, allowing the skin to be nourished whilst absorbing the sleep-inducing ingredients that are concentrated into this soothing botanical complex. How arnica be used as part of your routine? It’s preferable to apply as early as possible following a traumatic event. Ensuring that you’re tackling the issue straightaway, reducing recovery time and inflammation from the onset. In cream or gel form, arnica can be safely applied directly onto the skin and applied onto the skin several times throughout the day for maximum benefits. 


Dreem Distillery’s 5 Top Tips For Easing Muscle Soreness: 


Massage can play a vital role in reducing inflammation in the body. It also stimulates the mitochondria, the tiny cells that convert glucose into energy, and which are essential for cell function and repair. Not only can a massage after exercise feel good, it can also help to reduce pain from delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and aid your muscle recovery by easing inflammation, improving blood flow and reducing muscle tightness and swelling.

Foam Rolling:

Do not be deceived by appearances, the foam roller is an effective recovery tool for sore muscles. The foam is fundamentally an easy and quick self-massage tool, allowing you the ability to administer a deep tissue massage with no assistance. Let’s get into the science behind it, foam rollers work by reducing muscle tension by releasing the fascia around your muscles, in a process referred to as self-myofascial release (SMR). Perfect pre and post workouts, to get you in the position to minimise muscle aches.


Don’t overlook the effects of stretching, it’s imperative to stretch pre and post workout, to maintain flexibility and reduce the risk of injuries. Stretching helps to increase blood flow to the muscles and alleviate stiffness, improve flexibility, and lengthen muscles, acting as a preventative to sore muscles. To ease sore muscles, stretch multiple times a day, especially to mobilise the affected areas of your body.

Warm Bath:

A warm bath, also translated as heat therapy, is a glorious way to ease and soothe muscle aches. The heat works to increase blood flow and loosen elasticity of the connective tissue, as a result soothing the muscles. Turn up the magic of the humble warm bath, with the addition of our Into The Deep, made using our Dreem complex, containing broad spectrum CBD, arnica, juniper and lavender. A cocktail of super ingredients to soothe not only the body but also the mind.


Sleep is truly at the epicentre of all good health, a good night sleep can be exactly what your sore muscles need. A lack of sleep can result in higher levels of inflammation, which can contribute to muscle soreness. Vital muscle building chemicals, such as human growth hormones, are naturally produced by the body in the deep sleep stages. Sleep is a regenerative process where your body is able to restore, rebuild and adapt, we recommend our signature CBD Night Drops as part of your sleep hygiene, for a peaceful and restorative night of sleep.