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The Best Essential Oils for Sleep

Hayley Dawes
19 January 2022

The power of aromatherapy to make us relax is well documented. But which are the very best oils to induce sleep? Dreem Distillery investigates…

The control that scent has over our mind, and nervous system, is profound. The fact that the smell of baking bread makes us feel warm and cosseted, that a candle scented with woodsmoke makes us recall Autumn or that the sweetness of cotton candy triggers childhood memories are all literal examples of the scent/mind connection that are easy to comprehend. 

The aroma of plant essential oils have the ability to not just evoke moods and memories, but also to deeply and effectively enhance our wellbeing. The most famed and fabled being that of lavender’s reputation as the best essential oil for sleep. Indeed, “lavender essential oil is one of the most studied in terms of its relaxation effects,” says Rupinder Mangat, cofounder and CEO of the essential-oil producers MEVEI. Studies on lavender have shown that inhaling it even reduces blood pressure, heart rate and alter brain-waves associated with stress. 

However, whilst lavender is certainly an effective natural sleep aid and a scent that provides the backbone to many insomnia remedies or natural remedies for sleeplessness (little wonder that lavender pillows have been popular for centuries), it is understood that blends of essential oils are the most beneficial way to improve sleep quality and length of sleep. 

Alongside lavender, another of the best home remedies for sleep is juniper essential oil. The oil from the juniper berry has a calming and grounding effect, with a softly woody and spicy aroma that blends so beautifully with lavender that we combined the two in our proprietary Dreem Complex, key to the efficacy of our body product formulations. We add to this complex by selecting individual essential oils to boost the sleep-inducing efficacy of specific products. For example, Into the Deep features aromatic orange and petitgrain essential oils, which we selected for their restful and restorative properties, whilst our upcoming bath soak utilises the balancing nature of lemongrass essential oil. 

As essential oils work effectively via inhalation, they work best not just in a diffuser but also in body products that slowly release their fragrance from the skin. When we developed our signature Bed Balm CBD Targeted Treatment Salve, we created it with ingredients that not only worked to relieve tension as they were absorbed through the skin but also those which released a powerful relaxing scent to ground the mind. Rubbing a pea-sized amount of Bed Balm along the tops of the shoulder-blades and the sides of the neck is one of our founder’s favourite ways to benefit from the soporific scent of Bed Balm all through the night. Likewise, a dreamily scented aromatherapy bath is a well-loved path to prepare for sleep. In fact, taking a pre-bed bath itself works as an effective precursor to sleep (the temperature drop we are exposed to after a bath triggers drowsiness and relaxation), yet the benefits can be magnified with sleep-inducing aromatherapy bath oils and soaks such as our Into the Deep, which turns the tub into a truly luxurious soporific soak.  

CBD oil does not sit alongside aromatherapy essential oils as its benefits are not inherently connected to its scent, but as the research into the benefits of CBD for sleep continues to grow apace there is a growing trend to combine the scent of essential oils with taking CBD drops in combination, to bring on sleep from the inside and out. We therefore utilise the finest grade skin-absorbable CBD in all of our body products and recommend our signature CBD Night Drops as the perfect adjunct to using CBD and aromatherapy body products. 

CBD oil functions as a sleep aid in that it works to alleviate anxiety and stress by working on the body’s endocannabinoid system, which plays a significant role in self regulation of mood and relaxation. The release of endocannbinoid anandamide is thought to reduce wakefulness and increase slow-wave sleep and REM sleep, while also increasing levels of adenosine, which plays a role in promoting sleep and suppressing arousal. Think of it as your personal off switch, it helps to get you into a relaxed state of mind, our CBD Night Drops work to take you to that state within 30 minutes of ingesting, promoting sleep. Also, it’s not only the getting you to sleep part, research has found that CBD oil works to minimise disruption to your sleep, for a good night sleep, all night long. 


Dreem Distillery’s top 5 aromatherapy oils to relax the body and mind:

  • For relaxation it has be, lavender. If you’re struggling with a restless and cluttered mind, lavender is a great aid. Its flower is filled with linalool, a substance known for its sedative effects, to calm and soothe the mind.
  • Best for sleep, chamomile has a scent, that has a calming effect on the mind, helping to relax the body and settle emotions, taking your sleep hygiene to the next level. 
  • Geranium works an absolutely treat for meditation. Geranium uplifts spirits whilst encouraging blood and lymph circulation. This helps to further harmonise and balance.
  • For anxiety, go with ylang ylang. The sweet floral aroma is great for when you need to rest and relax, but you aren’t seeking a sedative effect.
  • The reassuring warm, sweet and woody aroma, and soothing qualities make it a great addition to combat anxiety. 
  • Best for stress, it has to be vetivert. Aromatherapists consider the oil to be an aphrodisiac and sedative, it is recommended to balance emotions, perfect for any stressful, highly emotional situation. 


With over 90 essential oils to choose from, at Dreem Distillery its our aim to continue to be at the forefront of research and employ the best essential oils, to deliver on our promise of a good night sleep. Combining the powers of both aromatherapy oils and CBD to create a super charged product, as we further our mission to develop only the best products for good sleep.