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Hayley Dawes
7 February 2022

At Dreem Distillery we’ve always made it our mission to set a new standard in CBD UK products. It’s important to us that we only share accurate information based on real science, so we ran a consumer trial on CBD NIGHT DROPS to ensure we could talk credibly about the potential benefits of our signature CBD oil product.



NIGHT DROPS are made from the finest broad-spectrum CBD combined with organically derived ingredients selected for their power to promote relaxation and aid sleep. We’ve always believed in the benefits of CBD oil and its ability to make a real difference to people’s lives, so by gaining further insights into this therapeutic elixir with some consumer testing, we are able to talk with more certainty about the benefits that people may experience from CBD oil.

Our customers can have confidence knowing that our CBD products have been tested to the highest standards. Not just for their CBD content or lack of THC, but also for their effectiveness. Introducing the consumer trial with our purest formulation, CBD NIGHT DROPS.



The consumer trial, with 40 participants, ran over a 6-week period. The participants were chosen by applying to our social media request for triallists. Most triallists were experiencing very poor sleep. The participants were asked a variety of questions based on lifestyle, sleep, and NIGHT DROPS. We wanted to use this opportunity to find out if the different types of people using our CBD NIGHT DROPS affects the benefits of the NIGHT DROPS.



Our trial was thorough and focussed on identifying the potential benefits of CBD oil. It didn’t take us long to see that it was all worth it.

  • 100% of participants said that they started gaining more hours of sleep.
  • 98% of participants said after taking our Night Drops for 2 weeks, they noticed an improvement in their sleep pattern.
  • 86% of participants said that they fell asleep faster.
  • 93% of participants found an improvement in mood and general performance the following day.
  • 74% of people would rate their sleep pattern as excellent after taking our Night Drops.


It goes without saying that we’re extremely proud of our NIGHT DROPS and have been humbled by the positive testimonials we received:

“My sleep has dramatically improved”

“I am less than 2 weeks into using Night Drops, and I already know that I will be using this product for life”

“The best night sleep that I had in a long, long time…”

“This is a must have product”

“After a few days of using these drops I am falling asleep easily and sleeping through the night”


Whilst this trial demonstrated the different benefits of CBD that people may experience, everyone is different. You might not experience the same effects from CBD as someone else. It’s all about finding out what works best for you. Discover more about how CBD works with your body in our DREEM JOURNAL.



Your voice matters, so please do let us know how you’re getting on with your NIGHT DROPS by messaging us on Instagram or sending an email to If you haven’t tried any our NIGHT DROPS yet, let us know why. We’re here to help you get the best night’s sleep.

NIGHT DROPS contain potent broad-spectrum CBD enhanced with our proprietary Super Terpene Blend to further increase its sleep-inducing properties. With a natural peppermint flavour, the formula works swiftly to bring about a soothed, relaxed, and sleepy state just 30 minutes after ingesting. Available now in 30ml (2400mg).