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Immunity in Difficult Times

Natasha Daniels
1 April 2021

Immunity: your good health shield

Immunity. It’s the buzzword of our times and more than ever protecting our natural defenses is key. In the last year I’ve made it my mission to keep my cupboard stocked with immunity-boosting vitamin C, selenium and zinc (always food state for gentle and efficient absorption) and quality, inflammatory-regulating supplements including fatty acids and bioflavonoids. I order turmeric shots over lattes, smooth lemon-balm on my pulse points (to smell in times of stress which is a proven immunity suppressor) and I add echinacea tincture to my water… BUT the single most important thing that I do to enhance my immune function? I get 8 hours of deep, restful sleep every single night. Nothing gets in the way of me and this vital rest time. Because it is well proven that good sleep is the bedrock of good health.

The immune system is complex; a network of cells and proteins that guard against infection. It is brilliantly powerful, but sensitive, and when poor sleep and stress impact our lives, the immune system cannot work effectively to release its vital protective cytokines, which are produced in volume during sleep to fight infection and mop up unwanted, damaging free radicals or antigens. So, every time you bank a good night’s sleep, you’re investing in you.

However, I know well how easy it is to say you’d like to sleep well but the reality of sleeping through 8 hours of uninterrupted, restful sleep can be all but a dream for many. CBD has been instrumental in my ability to sleep well. It has profoundly and positively impacted my life, and became the catalyst for me creating Dreem Distillery, which I’ve dedicated to developing the highest-quality, most effective sleep-inducing products. The reason CBD is so effective for sleep is two-fold:

1) It helps get you into a sleep state: CBD has a powerful, quick-acting anti-anxiety effect. This is important because research has proven the link between stress, worry or an over-active mind and sleep issues. If you feel highly-strung, sleep is not forthcoming!

2) It keeps you asleep: The botanical extracts within a broad-spectrum formula of CBD have subtle but profound impacts on the body from down-regulating pain receptors, to inflammation dampening abilities and influence on the sleep hormones at work during this time.

And many independent studies have shown that taking a CBD oil supplement lengthens the time spent asleep. That’s the wonderful thing about our bodies; how adaptive they are. When we fall into good habits, our body responds and essentially, the more we sleep well, the more we sleep well. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?


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