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Five tips for the perfect bath

Hayley Dawes
20 January 2022

Is there anything better than a bath? A good bath is free therapy. From the Ancient Egyptians and to the Romans, we’ve long drawn on the benefits of a good bath for centuries. A recent report found  73% of people saw baths as a form of stress relief. It’s a moment, where you can be alone, chilled and submerged literally in warm water away from the outside world. We don’t need to tell you a bath is good idea, but check out why having a bath can have both physical and psychological benefits.

Though there is an art to the perfect bath, and the key lies in the small details; the lightning, the temperature, oils and the smells. Get the combination right and you’ll be soaking your way to a heavenly escape. Here are a few tips on how to create a soothing and dreamy experience in the comfort of your bathtub.


Getting the temperature right is vital:

The temperature is everything, it makes or breaks the bathing experience. Too hot, and you’ll probably wilt away and too cold, well is there any point? It’s about hitting that sweet spot, warm enough for muscle relaxation but not too hot that you’re losing too much water through sweating. Dr Kubicka, founder of The Bath Project, says ‘generally speaking in terms of the temperature of the bath, the most important thing is to keep the water between 38 and 41 degrees that makes it safe for the skin and your body.’ Remember to also pay attention to the temperature of your bathroom, too cold and you’ll shock your body as you get out of the bath.

The add ons:

Here is where we really turn up a notch, when it comes to opulence, it’s all about what you add to your bath of water. Create an at-home spa luxe bath soak, with the addition of bath oils. The Dreem Distillery bath oil, Into The Deep, provides the ultimate aromatherapeutic bathroom escape. Created with a beautiful cocktail of essential oils including blue tansy (blue tansy promotes calmness and restful sleep when inhaled) calendula (calendula is from an orange flower, it’s high levels of saponins, flavonoids and carotenoid make it a powerful antioxidant. It is also very soothing), petitgrain (petitgrain oil has a fresh, floral and woody aroma and it works to reduce anxiety and alleviate mental fatigue) and lavender (lavender oil is naturally antimicrobial and soothing. It balances the skin and relaxes sore muscles) to create a tranquil retreat. You’ll feel absolutely relaxed, mind and body. Also, the addition of the potent broad-spectrum CBD is perfect for the pre-bedtime bath, preparing you for a great night of sleep. A CBD infused bath is the ultimate way to help synchronise your body with its natural circadian cycle.

Timing is everything:

How long should you spend soaking in your bath? Something, we don’t really discuss but it’s crucial. Of course, it’s down to personal preference, however anything between 20-30 should be a minimum to feel the effects of relaxation. Though it’s important not to spend too long in the bath, anything longer than an hour will dehydrate your skin.

Set the mood:

One of the easiest ways to completely transform your bathroom is to light a candle. Not only, does it evoke your senses, smell incredible and create the perfect lighting set up? Maybe, you’ll want some music or to read a book, the choices are endless, a bath should never be boring. It should be set up to be a serene haven, to enable you to fully relax and escape.


So you’ve had your bath and you’re feeling relaxed, your body feels amazing but you don’t want things to end there. The bath time aftercare is as important as the bath set up, the drastic change can be shocking to your system. Be cautious of the temperature of your bathroom, have a cosy robe and luxuriously restorative body oil at hand. The Dreem Distillery, Among The Stars body oil, is packed with aromatherapy oils, CBD and calming botanicals. An innovative formula not only to keep dry skin at bay but to continue that feeling of calmness beyond the bathtub.

Now you’re equipped with the know-how for the perfect bath, it’s time to create your remedy, because if you're going to do it, do it right!